About the Band

My Damned Kind is a Kiwi metal band with a difference – with big guitars, edgy vocals and a driving rhythm, this is a band set to make their mark on the world stage!

With the release of their first album ‘Beyond Lies’ in April 2011 My Damned Kind carved out their own brand of metal that left people asking what the hell just hit them and where did these guys come from? And now with the newly released second album, ‘Time Out’, My Damned Kind a back to give it some more!

No strangers to the New Zealand music scene, these guys were once known as Narcosis, whom without a doubt were NZ’s premier Metallica tribute band.  They have performed sold out shows around the country for a number of different promoters and supported act’s such as Blindspot, ELMNOP, Fur Patrol, Zed, Pluto, Fast Crew, 48 May, Opshop, Che Fu, and Cold Chisel’s Jimmy Barnes, just to name a few.

The album ‘Beyond Lies’ was been featured on Paul Martin’s Axe Attack on The Rock and it seemed people just couldn’t get enough of it. To quote the Axe man himself “Epic album!”

The best way to describe the sound of this band is to take a bit of American metal, mix in a bit of UK punk and some politically incorrect lyric’s and you’re on your way to understanding what My Damned Kind is all about. Make no mistake these guys are here to challenge the way NZ music is seen around the world by breaking the mould and doing something truly different. 

Get yourself a copy of ‘Beyond Lies’ or ‘Time Out’ online today and take a journey with a band who truly understands what having fun is all about, and know that you are all My Damned Kind!